This is Mer de Glace/Sea of Ice. It is a valley glacier located on the northern slopes of the Mont Blanc massif. Located at an altitude at 1913 m/6276 feet, it is 7km/4.3 mi long and 200m/656 feet deep and covers a surface area of 40km2/14.5 sq. miles (though sadly receding dramatically due to climate change).

You can reach the Mer de Glace by riding a famous rack and pinion railway or by foot via some serious hiking.

Once up the valley you can a myriad number of hikes, including a walk down a long series of stairs to the glacier floor.

Once at the bottom you can enter a purpose carved ice grotto and see a glacier from the inside.

Look at geological history in the layers

A visit to Mer de Glace makes for a great 2-3 hours learning about and witnessing one of nature’s marvels -just don’t forget that you have to take all those stairs back to the top!